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Emoliz haemostasis product line success launch

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Emoliz, a new haemostasis brand dedicated to medium and low sample laboratory was launched in China in Oct 2015 successfully. Through three years effort and continuously overcome more difficult, Stago launch a total new brand for China. Expand our coverage to medium and low throughput laboratory. Become a full coverage and full range leader of haemostasis diagnostic area. 


Emoliz includes three types haemostasis analyser and dedicate reagent. Emoliz Express. Emo Smart are automated instrument and Emo Step 4 is a four channel semi automate instruments. The reagent consist of routine reagent, D-Dimer and related to calibrator, quality control and Disposable.



Emoliz provide high quality product and appropriate price to serve for medium and low throughput laboratory. Ensure reliable result and meet cost control requirement of laboratory. Through across the country service net, keep all system normal run and let all laboratory gain accurate result at any time.