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Emo Step 4半自动凝血分析仪特别促销活动通知

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Emo Step 4 Semi-automated Coagulation Analyzer Special Promotion Notice

为感谢广大用户对思塔高产品的厚爱,我公司决定特价销售库存内的半自动凝血分析仪Emo Step 4。此促销活动将于201611”之际正式上线,并将持续三个月。

Thanks for all customers’ support, Stago decides to sell all Emo Step 4 semi-auto instruments in stock with a special promotion price. This offer will be valid from 11th Nov, 2016 and will last for 3 months.



If you are interested, please contact your local Stago distributor or Sales manager. You may also contact Stago product manager Mr. Guo (18911662563) for more information.



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