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The Fully automatic coagulant analyzer: STA R Max

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As the leader in Haemostasis and Thrombosis, Stago launches a new fully automatic coagulant analyzer: STA R Max. Being designed with Stago’s classical performance, creative design and fully upgraded soft&hardware, STA R Max brings a higher sample processing efficiency and better customer experience. It is considered as the first and best choice for coagulant project in clinical laboratories of different types.

STA R Max is a good example of Stago’s Viscosity-Based (Mechanical) Detection System , the coagulation golden standard.

In 1988, Stago introduced the patented VBDS. Through the detection process, no light passed. The solidification was determined completely by the changes of amplitude of the sing of the magnetic bead. From then on, VBDS became Stago’s core technic, with over 1100000 tests operated on VBDS everyday worldwide. 

In 2015, International Journal of laboratory published article “Research on Anti-interference of VBDS and optical method”, this research is focused on real patient sample, the data efficiently shows the advantage of VBDS compaire with optical method. VBDS enabling immediate delivery of accurate and precise results. STA R Max is insensitivity to any type of coloured plasma, maximum precision for weak clot detection,and providing stable and reliable results for clinical laboratories.


Apart from VBDS, STA R Max shows more advantages of Stago instruments:

•The clotting method, the Chromogenic method and Immunology method can be measured at the same time.

•With a high-quality and globally comprehensive product line of coagulation reagents, Stago provide complete management of reagents information system with STA-R Max. Extended traceability that meets quality requirements.

•Precalibration is available for core items, then the reagents and the calibrators as well as the time can be saved.

•The unique sample management mode of Stago enables the high throughput to instrument. It is also able to deal with emergency samples without interfering the running test, which is the real STAT.

•A comprehensive system concept that results in standardisation between Stago systems.

•Cap piercing available.

• Convenient connection to TLA,no modifications required. Same performance in standalone or connected to TLAs.


STA R Max’s creativity lies in the brand new ergonomic hardware design, with not only the appearance of fashion atmosphere, but also the design of an excellent function.

•Improved rack tray to optimize samples loading 


•New covers opening to simplify auxiliary reagents and cuvettes roll change


•Upward open mode is more convenient for cuvettes loading

•The design of the cable  accommodate is added at the back of the instrument

•New handheld barcode reader with a newly designed computer desk

By updating the soft&hardware, STA R Max’s throughput has been improved comprehensively during different use case . Accurate results and short TAT brings laboratory efficiency.

At the same time, intuitive user interface based on Windows ensuring a seamless integration for the laboratory operators and managers.  With embedded new STA coagulation expertise -SCE, autoverification enables labs to focus resources and time on critical or abnormal results enhancing the quality of their patient care

Putting the patient at the heart of what we do is a fundamental and long term commitment. Strong of over 60 years’experience, Stago is today recognised by the international scientific community as an essential Haemostasis contributor. The newly launched STA R Max is a reliable and standardized system to provide the most effective solution for each laboratory. We work towards achieving scientific progress and improving patient well-being.