Our Action

It is the great diversity of men and women, of professions and skills together that enable Stago to develop, manufacture and market the widest range of reagents and analysers using the most advanced technologies.

As a reference in Haemostasis and Thrombosis diagnosis, Stago’s development is built around 4 progress objectives.

Generate Well-being

Putting the patient at the heart of what we do is a fundamental and long term commitment.

Stago is currently the only independent international group in the In Vitro Diagnostic Industry wholly dedicated to Haemostasis and Thrombosis exploration.

As a company involved from the outset in human health, ethics comes second nature to us, and helping to improve therapeutic care is a shared objective.

Internally, Stago cultivates respect for humans and their diversity, to ensure all live their professional life in an open and fulfilling environment.

Completely independently, we work towards achieving scientific progress and improving patient well-being.

Generate Satisfaction

From R&D to the Haemostasis laboratory our expertise and cross-functional teams guarantee a complete value chain dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Drawing on its experience more than 20,000 systems installation, Stago has successfully created a comprehensive range of services involving all its teams.

Customer Satisfaction is a core value for all Stago employees. It is built around their ability to listen, understand, react swiftly and offer advice.

Our number-one priority is to prevent any break in the laboratory activity, since biological test results can play an instrumental role for clinicians in making the right therapeutic decision for the best patient management.

Customer satisfaction also applies to employees, which is why we support all Stago staff by listening to their personal needs and monitoring their progress.

Generate Performance

Stago is committed to turning innovation into reliable and standardised systems to provide the most effective solution for each laboratory.

With nearly 20% of its employees working in Research & Development, Stago invests heavily in continuous innovation.

Its multidisciplinary teams of engineers, researchers and technicians bring together an exceptional amount of complementary knowledge and expertise.

They respond to our customers’ needs, developing evermore effective ranges of smart products and services.

Our innovation culture also applies to our internal practices in order to supply products and services of a high quality from a continuous improvement perspective.

In order to perform well, we must also create a stimulating work environment for our employees, encouraging their progression day by day. We must know how to be ambitious while remaining humble.

Generate Knowledge

Anticipating future needs and discovering significant new exploratory technologies to improve Haemostasis in health care management.

Stago works hand in hand with academic and pharmaceutical research teams, conducting leading scientific studies. Their publications often bring to light new and clinically relevant markers and new pathways of exploration.

It is Stago’s role to then transform these medical advances into automated, innovative and standardised tests to provide better care for patients.

Strong of over 60 years’ experience, Stago is today recognised by the international scientific community as an essential Haemostasis contributor.