General Manager Message

STAGO Diagnosis China is dedicated to provide the best Global Haemostasis Solution to Chinese laboratories. Through a strong R&D Center in France, Stago develops and provides Innovative and Quality products.

Stago wants to provide performing and secured diagnosis tools to the healthcare professionals in order to better prevent, understand, diagnose, treat and follow-up the Haemostasis disorders. All Stago China employees are focus every day on this mission.

Stago has strong Values: Entrepreneurial Spirit, which means we are a long term company, building on strong fundations, Ethics, as we consider Healthcare must follow guidelines and Regulations, Team Building, as we consider that only an active teamwork will bring our customers the support they expect, Expertise, as our single focus on Hemostasis gives us the best expertise in this field of area. And those Values, Stago China will bring them to you, in your laboratories, every day.

Those values are the same everywhere in the world and all Stago China employees are totally dedicated to them.

Philippe Barroux
General Manager