Quality policy

A shared commitment

For several years now, Stago's vision is to become the Reference and the Leader in Hæmostasis & Thrombosis diagnosis.

Stago's mission is to supply the health sector with the widest range of reagents and analyzers safe, effective and designed according to advanced technologies in order to provide better prevention, understanding, treatment and monitoring of Haemostasis pathologies, and to ensure for its customers appropriate skills, independence and impartiality with regard to inter-laboratory comparisons.

Stago's values are:

  • Knowledge, both scientific and technical - client and market needs
  • Performance supported by an entrepreneurial and team spirit
  • Satisfaction for our clients which, above and beyond the products, lies in excellent service
  • Well-Being and Ethics with regard to patients, partners and collaborators. 

That is why Stago runs a Quality management system based on the following goals:

  • constant conformity of the products and activities with evolutions in the legal, regulatory and normative framework,
  • an Environmental Program focused on continuously mastering energy, waste management, "green provisions", prevention of any potential pollution and any other environmental impacts,
  • careful attention and adequate communication to all concerned parties,
  • complete adaptation of its expertise and organisation,
  • continuous improvement of its products, services and methods of working,
  • full compliance to any other requirements as well as commitments.

These goals, ratified and regularly reviewed at an Executive level, are known by everyone. The Executive Management ensures their constant relevance as well as the pertinence and efficiency of the Quality management system. 

Should goals fail to be achieved the company can rely on everyone's responsiveness to provide appropriate solutions. 

Each of us should be aware of the major part they play in the Quality process and should participate fully in Stago's dynamic of progress. 

Through the mobilisation and commitment of everyone we will continue to meet our customers and partners' expectations as accurately as possible.