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Cookies information protection

The following Privacy Policy applies to the information collected through the cookies set by Diagnostica Stago S.A.S.

Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. respects and protects the privacy of all users of as well as other websites operated by Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. in China that embody links to this Policy (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Websites). In order to provide you with more accurate information and more personalized services, Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. will  use and disclose your personal information in line with this Privacy Policy. However, Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. will employ high degree of diligence and prudence in dealing with such information. Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. will not disclose or provide such information to any third party without your prior permission unless otherwise provided in the Privacy Policy. Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Diagnostica Stago S.A.S. which can be found on