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The Fully automatic coagulant analyzer: STA R Max

As the leader in Haemostasis and Thrombosis, Stago launches a new fully automatic coagulant analyzer: STA R Max. Being designed with Stago’s classical performance, creative design and fully upgraded soft&hardware, STA R Max...

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Emo Step 4半自动凝血分析仪特别促销活动通知

Emo Step 4 Semi-automated Coagulation Analyzer Special Promotion Notice

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Emoliz haemostasis product line success launch

Emoliz, a new haemostasis brand dedicated to medium and low sample laboratory was launched in China in Oct 2015 successfully. Through three years effort and continuously overcome more difficult, Stago launch a total new brand for...

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Full automatic blood coagulation analyser - STA Compact Max

  In 2015 a new generation of Stago haemostasis analyser, STA Compact Max was launched in China. STA Compact Max can perform clotting, chromogenic and immunological assay in a random access. It is designed for median volume...

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