Stago Customer Services

We are passionate about customer service...

Service Tenet

Provide the state of art service to customers is the most important task of every Stago technical service staff. We will keep on improving our service to meet the customer requirements.

Customer satisfaction survey

Stago authorized a professional third party to evaluate yearly our customer satisfaction survey. Our goal is to continuously improve our service for our customer satisfaction improvement.

7 days 24 hours hot line service

Stago Hot Line: 4006109796

The Hot Line team response the customer requirement at the first time, and provides a non-interrupted on line service. Based on the routing function of CNC Virtual Call Center, all the incoming calls will be treated in time. The professional hot line software Conso+, allows us to centralize and record all incoming calls. Those calls will then be analyzed in the central headquarter to help to better diagnose a potential problem in our products and thus facilitate in advance all the customer requirements. Currently, the on line solution rate of instrument operation and application is above 97% and the rate of instrument troubleshooting is over 86%. All the requirements can not be solved on line and sometimes need on site service. Hot Line will dispatch this task to the relative closest field staff in order to provide you the fastest on site problem resolution. Hot Line team will keep on monitoring the requirements until correct treatment done.

Developed service network

In order to provide the express and efficient service to customers, Stago has a high quality field service team which is nearly thirty staff now. They locate in almost all the provincial capitals and some main cities in China, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Harbin, Jinan, Hefei, Hangzhou, Changsha, Fuzhou, Nanning, Urumqi, Dalian, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan. The service network covers the mainland of China. While our numbers of users increase year by year, we will also place more and more field service engineers closer to our customers.

Express spare parts supply

In order to repair the malfunction instrument at the first time and reduce the customer trouble, Stago sets up a common spare parts stock in each field service engineer location. The spare parts stock is managed by the famous logistic company TNT with an express delivery within 8 hours after the application in the working time to any customer in the relative territory. And Stago has all kinds of spare parts ready for delivery in our main warehouse.

Information-based service management

Stago use the customized iScala service module from EPICOR Company to monitor and control all the steps in the after sales service. From the moment that customer calls in Hot Line, all the information will be recorded in real time. The Hot Line team dispatches the intervention to field service engineer base on their availability. After the intervention, field service engineer will upload the service information via network to the dedicated server in company. The logistic department monitor the dynamic spare parts stock, replenish the engineer's stock in fixed cycle or emergency express. Hot Line team will make a quick survey in the phone after the intervention to realize the customer satisfaction level.

Stago's service obligation:

Response time: Stago undertakes to response within 2 hours following customer's request for assistance, by informing customer of any identified reason for the instrument default and possible solution to cure such default. Currently our hot line response time is average 20 minutes. If default cannot be solved through the hotline service, Stago shall arrange for an intervention within 24 hours following customer's request for assistance. Currently our intervention time is average 4 hours.

Repair time: In case of an intervention, Stago undertakes to repair the instrument within 24 hours following the necessary spare parts being available at customer's site. Currently our repair time is average 4 hours and 45 minutes.

What is our proposal for service?

All the new instruments have free installation, operation training and one year free warranty.

Maintenance and repair service: our team offers preventive maintenance, curative maintenance, instrument movement, and disposable supply. 

Software updates and retrofits service will be offered free of charge during all instrument lifetime

Instrument yearly accreditation service

Maintenance contract

Free of charge labor and traveling

Unlimited free of charge spare parts replacement

Free of charge quantified disposable

Unlimited intervention

Two preventive maintenances per year

Priority in software update & retrofit

The advantages of service contract: No worry, your instrument will be totally insured with our contract. It is the guarantee for you to be able to provide reliable results to your physicians, always on time. It is also a way to maintain your investment in a high quality performance for a long term period.

This yearly insurance increases the profit of your laboratory from workload due to the lowest instrument breakdown.

With the scheduled preventive maintenance and the unlimited spare parts replacement, the length of instrument service will extend. And the best accuracy of instrument provides the reliable results.

Finding and solving the potential problem in advance help our customers without any worry that critical trouble happens to the instrument. And customers will save a lot of time for the complicated paper work due if they chose the pay per view service.