Full automatic blood coagulation analyser - STA Compact Max

STA Compact Max

  In 2015 a new generation of Stago haemostasis analyser, STA Compact Max was launched in China. STA Compact Max can perform clotting, chromogenic and immunological assay in a random access. It is designed for median volume throughput laboratories and speciality haemostasis laboratory. 7*24 work mode is fit for emergency laboratory.


    Innovation from expert, Stago continuously provides new product to complement clinical needs. Based on manufacture experience of 25 years, by using Stago patent viscocity detection system, new brand design and unique Expert Module, STA Compact Max is a new generation of haemostasis analyser. It ensures reliable result and improve TAT time. Expert Module can help connect four STA series automated instruments and promote efficiency of laboratory.  



STA Compact Max Features

  • Graphical user interface designed for intuitive use of high resolution screen
  • Additional expert module, auto verification rules, auto management of dilution, rerun, reflex testing and adds-on.
  • New quality control management mode and multi-dilution parallel test for factors. 
  • High traceability. Complete reagent management, entire patient result archiving and management maintenance by software
  • Extended reagent , sample and disposable loading capacity
  • True STAT management without impact on instrument throughput
  • Operator security and safety with cap piercing (optional) and positive identification of sample and reagent
  • Comprehensive menus of test and precalibrations for lots of reagent